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update field to emailid of manager

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I want to update field  to manager email id  on create of record in workflow.


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    RudyZhang on at
    RE: update field to emailid of manager

    Hi, I think the mean of your question is  when the record is created in the workflow, update the field to the manager's email id.


    Since I don't know your specific table structure and fields, I designed a table to test.

    For example, here are two tables Engineer  and Manager. All of them have some fields such as name, phone, email etc. And In Engineer table , I add a column named Manager Email and relationship between Engineer table and Manager table.


    To accomplish this requirement, I recommend using Automated cloud flow and Dataverse Trigger in Power Automate.


    For steps to accomplish this requirement

    • Create an Automated cloud flow and select a trigger named When a row is added, modified or deleted. Choose added type .Select the action and table you need to trigger as shown in the figure.pastedimage1685957306620v3.png
    • Since your update operation involves two tables, I recommend that you query the data from both tables. So you can use List rows actions to query data.
    • Then you need to make updates to the fields in the table. At this stage you need to use the Odata id from the information obtained in the previous step
    • Then you can try to add a record and see the results


    These are some of my suggestions for the questions you have asked. If you have any further questions, please contact me.


    Best Regards,

    Rudy Zhang

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