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Exporting table data to excel fails without clear reason

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Hello everyone

I've encountered an annoying problem. When I try to export the data from my custom entity, named country, I get the following error message:


The error itself doesn't say much, and when I google the error message I receive, I don't find a clear reason or solution to my problem.
Does anyone here know how I can fix this issue, or how I can get more information about this error? 

I have tried exporting this data from Dataverse as well as from the solution the table is created in. Both places have given me the same error.

The entity does not have any plugins, or business rules associated with it. It does have a relation to both the contact and account entities.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards


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    Craig Day 55 on at
    RE: Exporting table data to excel fails without clear reason

    Hi Junius,

    Have you tried disabling any Business Rules against the Contact table before exporting? I got the same error trying to export data from the Contact table itself which was part of my Solution. After disabling the default Business Rule on the table, it worked. Because your table is related to Contact, that may be the cause.

    This was also preventing me from Importing. 



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    Leco Lv Profile Picture
    Leco Lv on at
    RE: Exporting table data to excel fails without clear reason

    Hi partner,

    Could you provide your error log? This might be a known issue:The system is always trying to use a connection set that doesn't exist in the system anymore. 

    "{"messageCode":"","message":"[Not Found], [{\"status\":404,\"source\":\":443/token//exchange\",\"message\":\"Error from token exchange: The connection () is not found. Please create new connection and change your application to use the new connection.\"}], The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found."}"

     or the following:

    ERROR: {"error":{"code":"0x80060429","message":"Number of calculated fields in query exceeded maximum limit of 50."}}
    The above error tells you that it is a CRM limitation and why are you are not able to export. While exporting we send the same query to Data verse, and it is rejected due to the same issue. 

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