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Generate and Inventory list of a specific bin.

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I am trying to view my warehouse's inventory.  I have two bin codes I want to see the contents of, and I want to generate a report of all the bin contents of those specific bins for inventory cycle count purposes.  Is this possible?  Using 201 version of NAV

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    YUN ZHU 59,978 Super User on at
    RE: Generate and Inventory list of a specific bin.

    Hi, Bin Contents page is a good choise.


    In addition, if you have an external analysis tool, you can also refer to Warehouse Entries, all Bin entry and exit records are kept here.


    Hope this will help.


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    RockwithNav 6,560 on at
    RE: Generate and Inventory list of a specific bin.

    Bin content is the best place to see the contents of the bin as it will you give you a complete picture if any of the Items sitting into pick bin or put away or production bins. See if extracting it into excel does your job.

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    RE: Generate and Inventory list of a specific bin.


    Have you run the Bin Contents page and exported to Excel? Another idea is to use Jet Reports and create the Bin Report easily.



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