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Integrating BC with the websites for business - licensing

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Hello, partners,

Referring to the BC partners, who need to integrate the B2B webportal with BC. In B2B, the users are considered to be business partners, not customers from BC licensing perspective and need a full user license. Which - in case the customer has hundreds of those, e.g. dealers in leasing scenario - becomes so costly customer would never buy if we were to charge them full user price... We used to have a special range and price for limited users to access some of BC on prem tables that only Full users can access (around 80 tables). However, in the cloud those exceptions are gone.

I was wondering if any of partners had this challenge and what could be the solution?  Integrating CRM to BC maybe? The ones who create e.g. Partner Portals and need to integrate those with BC - the ones I've talked to seem simply not to bother about the licensing... B2B e-commerce portals? LS Retail maybe has something in their addon? Any other larger ISVs?

Could there be another way? using power apps? The power portal is still too weak for the features we need

Thanks for your ideas!


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    RE: Integrating BC with the websites for business - licensing


    As a end user I had this conversation with 3 B2B webstore. All of them said since integration between BC and Webstore is through API then webstore users and BC users are separated. In the other words, since websotre API consider one user and all user in webstore interact with BC through API and that one user then from license standpoint all is good.

    The better example is Microsoft Shopify integration which uses same logic.

    In addition to Shopify which has a direct connection to BC (20.1) Maybe look into some of webstore like below|AID.6d0fa8dd-50e3-493a-befd-393960238c88|PAPPID.c56100aa-6290-440a-b14f-4273ac6fcc78|AID.kecommerce365business|PAPPID.a5433eaa-cf3b-4708-a692-a9452f363232|AID.6aa1d5cc-7833-45d2-83f5-02a9a33f08a7|PAPPID.e6a22a66-7535-431e-89ae-263b9f76712d

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