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BC Workflow with Multi Level Approval Group

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Dear Community , 

I am New to BC/NAV , but Worked on Both GP and AX (Both Functional and Technically )

My Customer Have this Requirement in BC in Workflow , which i can Accomplish Easier in Both GP and AX Workflow ,(But was not Able to do it on BC )

i would like to Know if it is Possible to be done , or not and if it is possible , then i will to know how it can be done

the following is the requirement ;

1- in a work flow i want to have parallel Approval to 2 Teams (Workflow Groups) where 1 of Each group will approve and the Order should be released

   Level 1 - One Have to Approve 

            Level 2 - 2 Out of 4 have to Approve

                     Level 3 

                                1 out of 2 Have to Approve (Group A)

                                1 out of 2 have to approve (Group B)

2- in my workflow if i want to send my approval to multiple level of Groups as Follows:

     level 1 - One have to approve

         Level 2 - one Have to Approve

                 Level 3 - 1 out of 3 have to Approve

                    Level 4 - 2 out of 4 have to Approve

Is that Possible to Be Done , Please Help me Here

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    Community member 30 on at
    BC Workflow with Multi Level Approval Group
    Hi Guys,
    Did you managed to do this using the standard system?
  • Will Roland Profile Picture
    Will Roland 5 on at
    RE: BC Workflow with Multi Level Approval Group

    Hi John,

    I have setup my workflow to include multiple "an approval request is approved" lines but am struggling to assign a workflow usergroup to each line. Would you please elaborate on how you are able to accomplish this.



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    Community Member UG Leader on at
    RE: BC Workflow with Multi Level Approval Group
    1. Choose the pastedimage1587040746478v1.png icon, enter Approval User Setup, and then choose the related link.

    2. Create a new line on the Approval User Setup page, and then fill the fields as described.

    3. To test the approval user setup, choose the Approval User Setup Test action.

    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every user who you want to set up as an approved user.


    o365cloudexperts | clouddesktoponline

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    Marco Mels Profile Picture
    Marco Mels on at
    RE: BC Workflow with Multi Level Approval Group


    If this is still an issue then please do raise a support request with Microsoft support via your CSP or Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 BC partner for offline analysis.


  • OlaQ Profile Picture
    OlaQ 72 on at
    RE: BC Workflow with Multi Level Approval Group

    Dear John ,

    Thanks for the reply ,

    i have managed to try your approach , but the Workflow do not go beyond level 3 if not approved by all member of the group , any Idea on how to accomplish this

    Your input highly appreciated


  • John Ray Patajo Profile Picture
    John Ray Patajo 835 on at
    RE: BC Workflow with Multi Level Approval Group


    You can use the Number of Approved Request field under On Condition and assign Workflow User Group as approver type under The Response.


    Make sure Users under Workflow User group has similar Sequence No. as sampled below. 


    Please let me know if this works on you. 


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