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Web Service and Work Flow

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Is web services  a requirement for work flows

  • RE: Web Service and Work Flow

    That's correct. Web Services is only needed with Workflow if you want approvers to be able to take action (approve, reject, delegate) workflows through email notifications, which will bring up a Web Services browser window when the click the action link in the email.

    This allows customers to have approvers for workflows, without needing them to have a GP user id / login.

    Otherwise, Workflow will work without it, though approvers would need to do so through the GP application.


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    RE: Web Service and Work Flow

    No unless you want to use e-mail actions - Approve, Deny or Delegate directly in the e-mail without logging into the GP interface. You can also include documents attached to each process. We also use SSRS links in the WF e-mails based on the Document ID referenced - Example: Timesheet, since they WF e-mail has limited formatting and information available.

    We use it for PTE Timesheet/Expenses where its much easier then bringing up the list of the documents.

    To bring up a Timesheets needing approval it takes about 40 seconds and 2 minutes for Expense Reports (Ticket open w/ MS on this) They did fix an issues for Timesheets in 2015 where it would take 5 minutes to bring the list of the documents. (the more you have, the longer it takes) MS needs to improve on these functions.  

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