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Dynamics Commerce Integration with Microsoft Teams

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Hi Everyone,

Is there any possible integration between dynamics commerce and ms teams, there is this article available but that is for the HQ ( I don't want to connect the HQ but the front end, is there any possibility?


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    JeevanG 390 on at
    RE: Dynamics Commerce Integration with Microsoft Teams

    Hi Saqlain,

    There isn't a native integration for MS teams as a chatbot. Also MS teams is an internal collaboration tool and while it can be used as an customer service tool but would need custom development. I wouldn't suggest going down this route unless there is a compelling business/cost reason. There are also many third-party chat solutions that integrate with couple of lines of JS code. Omnichannel for customer service is still going to be with native support.  

  • Saqlain Profile Picture
    Saqlain 39 on at
    RE: Dynamics Commerce Integration with Microsoft Teams

    Hi JeevanG , thank you for getting back!

    Our primary requirement is that we want to use Ms teams as a customer service portal for the customer service reps. As if the customer uses a chatbot (PVA) on our website and upon escalation to a customer service agent. the request goes to the agent who is sitting on Ms Teams rather than omnichannel for customer service. I have searched a lot but haven't found any relevant regarding this requirement. i read the list of feature u sent above but seems they are for internal collaboration between organization employees. 

    I hope i have explained well, let me know if there is any confusion in above statement. i can rephrase. 

    Thank you.

  • JeevanG Profile Picture
    JeevanG 390 on at
    RE: Dynamics Commerce Integration with Microsoft Teams


     The idea behind HQ teams integrations is to use the below features - 

    • Provision Teams by taking advantage of well-defined information from Commerce, such as the organizational structure and information about stores, workers, permissions, and business context.
    • Easily synchronize ongoing changes (for example, the addition of new stores or hiring of new employees) between Commerce and Teams, but keep Commerce as the master source of organizational structure data.
    • Integrate task management between Commerce and Teams to help store workers, store managers, regional managers, and communications managers handle task management from either application.

    What are the key features you are trying to integrate from the front end? As a B2C/B2B online store are you expecting your retail / B2B customers reaching to internal team? 

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