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Can someone send me link(s) to SAMPLE Applications developed / deployed in O365, available on Web?

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I have to say I am completely bowled over: what does this product do, and how does one _USE_ it as a development platform?
Not clear at all. I want to see a "See Spot run! Run, Spot, Run!" application, and something more complicated, something finished.
(I know that fields, forms, tables, views, all can be manipulated in various ways ... I just want to see a finished "something" ... 

I am not interested in sales, customer service, finance, or project management.
I would like to see something related to how calendars are managed or multiple priorities.
I would like to see how resources, e.g., times, materials, physical-plant locations, staffing are allocated to a physical amount of work.

Thanks very much.

Suzanne Michelle
... from NYC Transit