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Grids with inline create/edit and tree/hierarchical view features for Dynamics 365 CRM

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi All,

We are in the process of implementing a solution for Dynamics 365 CRM to display a hierarchical view of records, i.e., a grid view which shows the hierarchically related records on the parent entity form.

Here's the Requirement:

Entities A, B, and C have a hierarchical relationship, with Entity "A" being the parent. The records from entities B and C should be shown in a grid view, of entity A's form. The grid should have a tree/hierarchical structure, along with inline create/edit, filtering, sort functionality, ability to hook up event handlers for cells in the grid, and rendering custom controls for cells which might act like the lookup fields of CRM.

We tried to leverage the Dynamics 365 CRM OOB editable grids, but they do not give us all the features, we are looking for. We need to implement this solution within a couple of weeks, so we are looking for third party CRM Grids/any other faster forms of implementing/configuring this feature in CRM, without having to build the grid from scratch using HTML and any Javascript libraries.

I am looking for a best possible option to implement the above feature. I am open to third party grid solutions as well. Please, suggest any options that anybody has in mind. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!

Sravya Patti

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