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Continuity programs

Posted on by 972

Dear Experts,

Can someone please help to explain the process flow for Continuity programs?

As my testing, i setup Continuity programs as Bill upfront.


Setup on Call center parameters.


My scenario:

1. Create Continuity sales order

2. Run "Process continuity payments": Message: Continuity billing has finished. 0 payments processed.

3. Run "Create continuity child orders": 4 Sales order are created as Continuity program but has validation error: "Validating payments for authorization, At least one payment must be provided."

4. Invoice Continuity sales order

Only revenue and account payable are recorded


5. Invoice child order.

- COGS, Inventory issued, additional charge and Payment for additional charge:


=> My question:

A. I have to manually make the payment for Continuity sales order invoice?

If the customer already paid the money upfront via VISA, how to process it without using AR Payment journal?

I assume "Process continuity payments" should do the work, but there is 0 payment processed. Is there any missing setup?


B. Base on the explanation for : "Revenue journal name: The journal name to use when money is transferred from parent revenue accounts to child revenue accounts. This field is used only for upfront billing that uses a payment schedule."

=> How to trigger this function?

I run other batch jobs ( Close continuity parent lines and orders, Continuity update batch)  for Continuity but there is no out come.

Thank in advance,

Best regards,


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    WillWU 22,344 on at
    RE: Continuity programs


    Please wait for the help from Functional Consultants.

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