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Debit Memo not advancing to A/R

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

After we moved from SL 6.5 to SL2011 FP1/SP2 we are finding that Debit Memos are not advancing or posting to A/R.  

The Event Log shows:

Processing: Company ID: 'YZA'   Shipper ID: 'DMS00434'

System Message 15027: Another user manually advanced the shipper to a later step

                     in the order cycle while it was printing.

They will not post when we run a sales journal.  I have checked the order steps for the order type DM and they look correct.


Thanks all ! for any help.


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    RE: Debit Memo not advancing to A/R

    Hi Andy,

    In one case getting this error, I find this note of completion.

    We found that the nextfunctionid was setup incorrectly on an order type step for the print picking list. They were missing a 0 at the end of the functionid. This was causing the print picking list step to go into an infinite loop because it did not know what to do.   Would need to correct the order type step.

    Verify what the nextfunctionclass and nextfunctionid are in the soshipheader.

    Another time:

    It seems that error 15027 can be caused when Auto Order Numbering is not selected in OM Setup and two shippers are entered using the same ID, except that one of them has a space before or after the ID. This could be what is causing the error for the client if sales order numbers are being entered manually and not automatically assigned by the system.


    What seems to be happening in your situation is most likely when a shipper is created it is placed in the process queue to have the invoice printed automatically. In the meantime before process queue can print the invoice for the shipper, someone manually goes through and prints the invoice for that record. As soon as the invoice is printed manually an Invoice number is saved in the record and the invoice function id is placed in the record. Then when the shipper finally gets to the point in process queue where it is ready to be printed, the invoice has already been printed and processqueue tries to duplicate the function id and the invoice record so you then receive the error.

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