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What does these do in Accounting Periods in Navision 2018?

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Posted on by 3,915

Hi Community,

When we close in Accounting Periods, may I find out:

1. What does "Closed" do in Navision?

2. What does "Date Locked" do?

3. What does "Inventory Period Closed" do in Navision?

Thank you!


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    RE: What does these do in Accounting Periods in Navision 2018?


    I think you asked the same question the other day here:

    The Closed and Date Locked fields you cannot manually check them on the Accounting Period page. The Closed will be flagged when you run the Close Year. The Date Locked specifies if you can change the start date of an Accounting Period. When you first Create Year the starting date of the year is Date Locked. Shen you Close Year all the Date Locked fields, for that year, will be flagged TRUE.

    Inventory Period Close will flag TRUE when you run Close Period off the Inventory Periods page.

    I attached a handout in the link to the other question.

    Hope this helps.



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    RE: What does these do in Accounting Periods in Navision 2018?

    1 and 2 are effectively the same. Yes, the new fiscal year line is not closed but locked. That is merely to show the start of an accounting year is fixed, once it has begun. Inventory periods are optional. Here is some details:

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