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How to clear data from a custom table?

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Is there a way to clear all data/rows from a table but still keeping the fields?

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    Rushiraj Suthar Profile Picture
    Rushiraj Suthar 62 on at
    RE: How to clear data from a custom table?


    If you want to clear your custom table data permanently,

    then use


    Please Verify the answer and Click on Yes if my answer will help full to you. 


    Rushiraj Suthar

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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 59,873 Super User on at
    RE: How to clear data from a custom table?

    Hi, I believe the following post can give you some hints.



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    Inge M. Bruvik Profile Picture
    Inge M. Bruvik 32,714 Super User on at
    RE: How to clear data from a custom table?

    If you have a list view of them you can just mark them and delete them.

    If there is a lot of data in the table i would have my developer write some code to delete the necessary records.

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    MahGah Profile Picture
    MahGah 15,395 on at
    RE: How to clear data from a custom table?

    Test this in Sandbox first and test since this is not reversible. 

    in configuration package select that table then Export Excel. Then delete all data (except header ). Then select Delete Table Records Before Processing and upload the Excel file and apply data. 


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