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Reduction of posted job card process times by break times

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Hello experts,


we received a customer request about the reduction of registered production job times by break times.


Imagine the following:


A worker logs in and starts a production job via production floor execution interface. In time and attendance modul the times are registered. After some time the worker uses the break-option. The worker is not forced to stop his current production job. The break time is registered as well in time and attendance modul as an indirect activity. After his break the worker uses the stop-break-option and continues on his production job. At the end of the day the worker finishes his production job, clocks out and leaves.


In time and attendance module all his times are registered and we can review, adjust, calculate, approve and transfer them. But unfortunately D365SCM does not reduce the registered production job time by registered break times, when we calculate, approve and transfer the times to the production order. It means on the wrong working times are posted to the production order journal.


For other indirect activities like meetings etc. the worker is forced to stop his current production job, before he can start an activity. It seems not to be the case for breaks.


We also run a test in contoso environment to make sure we do not miss something in our setup. The outcome is the same.


Can you give us a hint what we are missing?


Thanks in advance!


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    AlexaT 4 on at
    Reduction of posted job card process times by break times
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    VilSab 12 on at
    Reduction of posted job card process times by break times
    Did you found out any other solutions to this issue? We cant add break times into profile, because each worker takes breaks at different times at different days when they want. So we need to track exactly when and what time was spent on breaks by using production floor execution. But when the break is started during any activity, the activity time isn't reduced by the break, but the logic says that program must pause the activity time calculation during a break. At the end of the day looking at the sum of the activities times, break times are duplicated. Looking at indirect activities setup window, breaks are set correctly as breaks, so it looks easy task to calculate times without any issues, but program isn't working as it should.
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    markpb52 21 on at
    RE: Reduction of posted job card process times by break times

    We do not make the workers clock in and out of Breaks.  We have inserted Break times into the Profile.  This then automatically reduces the production times that they are clocked into during this breaktime when the times are approved and transferred.

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