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Customer voice NOT sending Survey

Posted on by 45

I've tried to send a Survey using Customer voice. I see a message say Email Sent. But no email is being sent.

We have the same issue when we send surveys via a flow

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    sailesh shah Profile Picture
    sailesh shah 45 on at
    RE: Customer voice NOT sending Survey

    I raised a ticket with Microsoft. Its all working again. They did a deployment of customer voice and messed up the deployment as they had a setting that was wrong.

    We use flows with our customer voice BUT we use a customer voice connector. This has beenaround for some time. This connector still worked.

    So all you need to do is update you flows to use the customer voice connector instead of the ms forms connector.

  • EddieFish Profile Picture
    EddieFish 27 on at
    RE: Customer voice NOT sending Survey

    Reposting what i posted in a similar question...

    We are having the same issues. It seems like it is only happening with new customer voice surveys. I was linked by a Microsoft tech an article ( ) that they released on Jan 5th 2023 stating that you should not be using Form connectors for customer voice surveys. They claim that your flow will not work correctly so that leads me to think that they did in fact change something in the backend that doesn't allow you to use Form connectors with Customer surveys.... WHICH is total ludicrous because customer voice USED TO BE FORMS PRO! SO WHY wouldnt the forms connector work...??!!! Their solution would probably be to do redo them in forms but like OP said, customer voice has extra features that forms doesnt so how will that work??? Seems to me like they really messed up on this

  • Etaira Profile Picture
    Etaira 5 on at
    RE: Customer voice NOT sending Survey

    We have same problem, via flow.

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