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Financial Statements - accounting entries

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Hi all

I am struggling to understand how to read the financial statements once they're posted in D365.

I have done the following tasks in POS:

Declare Safe Start Amount 1000
Declare Start Amount 150
Float Entry 50
Sale 450
Tender Removal -75
Safe Drop -200

After this, when I had to declare my tender, the only way for me to don't have differences was to declare my tender as 1375. However, my understanding is that, when we declare our tender, we are declaring the amount of money that we have in the drawer. If this is true, I should have declared a tender of 375 instead of 1375. 

Why is D365 counting with the "Declare Safe Start Amount" when counting the cash on drawer?

Also, what is the best way for me to read the posted statement? By only looking at the statement, and if I did not know at that moment what tasks were performed, I think I would struggle to reach the information that I've posted in the above table. 

My last question is for the accounting entries generated from this statement. The only accounting movement (voucher) that was generated was form the 200 safe drop that I've done. Shouldn't here be more accounting entries generated from this statement? What is, after all, the main thing that a user must analyze upon the financial statement? 

Thank you.  

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    Ramune Profile Picture
    Ramune on at
    RE: Financial Statements - accounting entries

    Hi Afonso,

    please take a look at the blog article - you will find many answers there:

    There is video recording posted on 20 Oct 2020 with the steps we support and also step by step document posted on 21 Jan 2021.

    We do not post any GL records for Safe transactions done on POS, excluding Bank drop and Safe drop operations.

    For Advanced Cash Management feature if you have it enabled - it is very important how it is used and there is a special procedure. The most important thing to have it working correctly, you should open a new shift dedicated ONLY for safe operations. You will find details on the link above.

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