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Hierarchy Visualization

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For the hierarchy visualization feature, when applied to accounts for example....if an account is de-activated but still has a parent account it will show up in the hierarchy chart. Is there a way to not include inactive accounts (in this example) in it?



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    RE: Hierarchy Visualization


    Does anyone have any update on this question? Any smart way to adress this without having to delete the relationship in case the child record gets deactivated.



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    Tony Suslovich 105 on at
    RE: Hierarchy Visualization

    Thanks guys, just what I thought. I'll probably be removing the parent account if the child account is being de-activated and stashing it in a another hidden field on the form in case it gets re-activated again.

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    RE: Hierarchy Visualization

    Hello Tony;

    There is no way to exclude inactive accounts. You could choose one of your four fields to be the status so you could see on each record of it's active or deactivated.

    To better understand the hierarchy structure I'd look to how JoeCRM talked about the hierarchy for .

    This feature is enabled for the Account, and User entities, but can enabled for other out-of-box entities. The visualization feature can only be enabled for self-referencing relationships within a particular entity, including custom entities. Important items to consider when using hierarchal visualizations (from the MSDN Technet website):

    Only one (1: N) self-referential relationship per entity can be set as hierarchical. In this relationship the primary entity and the related entity must be of the same type, such as account_parent_account or contact_parent_contact

    Presently, a hierarchy or visualization is based on one entity only. You can depict the account hierarchy showing accounts at multiple levels, but you can’t show accounts and contacts in the same hierarchy visualization.

    Maximum number of fields that can be displayed in a tile is four. If you add more fields to the Quick Form that is used for the tile view, only the first four fields will be displayed.

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    RE: Hierarchy Visualization


    I believe there is no such option to remove inactive records from visualization.

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