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Web Services "Service Unavailable"

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On my test server, Web Apps and Web Services were installed a few months ago. We decided that we did not want to move forward with Web Apps in the production environment. We never uninstalled Web Apps or Web Services, but we have refreshed the test server's databases (app and system) with production data a few times since we last looked at Web Apps and Web Services.


I need to use Web Services for something, but when I try to access https://testserver:444/
and I get “service unavailable”. I went into IIS and saw an application for web services. I looked at the directory it was pointing to, and the svc files are there. I thought about uninstalling and reinstalling web services, but it doesn't show up in installed programs. How can I access web services?

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    Candice82 on at
    RE: Web Services "Service Unavailable"

    I did this a few months ago and it resolved the issue.

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    RE: Web Services "Service Unavailable"


    Redeploying web services may help.  But a "service unavailable" is typically caused by your application pool being stopped.   And often that application pool stops because the password on the account is bad.  

    If you redeploy web services, you get an chance to just create a new app pool.   But you can also go into IIS -> Application pools and look for one that is stopped.   Check the identity on it and re-type the password.  Then try to start it again.

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