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Data Dictionary or Stored Procedure Help

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Is there a trigger or stored procedure that automatically re-calculates totals on the Shipper Screen/underlying tables.  We have our UPS software using a stored procedure to push ship date, tracking number, and freight amount to the shipper table.  We have noticed that since we did the upgrade from SL Version 6.0 to SL 2011 that the Shipper Screen doesn't recalculate the totals upon opening the screen like it had in the past.  So, if a $100 item had $13 freight pushed in, the total field on the screen still shows $100.  However, if you do anything with line items or confirm shipping, it will correct the total when you close and print the invoice.  However, I am thinking there has to be a stored procedure/trigger that runs recalculations when data is changed on the screen.  Therefore, I am thinking we could initiate the trigger/stored procedure that does the auto-recalculation as we push the freight informaiton into the shipper table.  This way, the totals would be correct when we bring up the shipper to confirm shipment.  Does anyone have a data dictionary or list of stored procedures that might help us identify the stored procedure to trigger?

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    RE: Data Dictionary or Stored Procedure Help

    there isn't store procedure or trigger that do that. The calculation is in code, if you want to recalculate the totals you going to have to create a store procedure to do that.

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    RE: Data Dictionary or Stored Procedure Help


    I think you might find what you are looking for by running a trace while you are doing the process.

    See KB 967955 for the trace and instructions.

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