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Release to warehouse Full fill-ment

Posted on by 520

Dear all, 

I have a question regarding WMS - Release sale order to warehouse.

I have created a Sales order with 2 item. ITEM A and ITEM B. Order is fully reserved.

I am using 100% full-filment policy on type = Quantity and Fulfillment violation messages = Error.

I go to Release sale order to warehouse screen. In Header section system shows both Sales order line.

I choose one sales order line instead of both sales order line and click ADD. 

System add the line in Release sales order to warehouse line section and then i click "RELEASE to WAREHOUSE".

System created the Load  Wave / Work for one line.

My understanding is system should block Release as i did for ONE sales order line instead of both (FULL) sales order line and using 100% full-filment policy.

System is allowing partial line release instead of FULL.

Can some one please share thoughts here, is there any configuration missing or it's by design.


Sanjay Gupta

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    Danny Bilodeau Profile Picture
    Danny Bilodeau 4,058 Super User on at
    RE: Release to warehouse Full fill-ment

    Hello Sanjay,

    I have observed the same behavior when using the release to warehouse form when all quantities of all lines are fully reserved.  

    It is not a configuration issue. If some order lines are not fully reserved the system and selecting only fully reserved lines for release, the system will stop the release process and display an InfoLog (A fulfillment rate of xxx was not met for sales order yyy). So the control is there but not applied in the way that is anticipated.  

    Whether its is a bug or its by design would have to be determined by Microsoft through a support ticket.  I personally think that it is by design.  The user has two buttons ("Add line" or "Add order") to select lines for Release to Warehouse. If the user deliberately opts for a partial shipment, the system allows if all lines are reserved.  



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