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Purchase Order Print out issue in GP

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There is an error when I try to take the print out of this PO on my local computer by using the MS Word base customize template , i get the following error. Please note that i just copied the Chunk File from GP server and paste on my local machine where the GP Dictionary and DYNAMICS.SET files lie . Before that I was getting the error message that Template is missing so I opened the server and copied the WORD DOCUMENT folder and paste on my local computer at the same location where DYNAMICS. SET AND DYNAMICS.DIC file resides on my Desktop . After this I am getting the following error .One more thing i have noticed that I have MS Office 365 pro plus on my local computer where as on GP server it is MS office 2016. 

After seeing this i opened the same word template by using MS Office on my local computer so it was showing me the compatibility mode.  Is this the reason, that I am not able to take the print out on my local machine . This is the same place where MY VBA program lies. Can you please help me what to do??............. 


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    Tim Wappat 5,701 on at
    RE: Purchase Order Print out issue in GP

    The exception box is from the report rendering wonder if this post might help?


    Using the Dex.INI setting TPELogging=TRUE

    as indicated by Mariano Gomez in his blog post may give you some more clues as to the actual exception? 


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    IT Analyst on at
    RE: Purchase Order Print out issue in GP

    But this MS office Pro Plus 365 is working on my Development environment. Note that Development environment also has MS office 2016 but when I take the print out of PO , The template use MS Office pro plus 365 , which is saved on my local desktop but there is no error and the PO print is also shown up there.

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    Tim Wappat 5,701 on at
    RE: Purchase Order Print out issue in GP

    GP Office compatiablity isL:



    Microsoft Office 2013 32bit & x64

    Microsoft Office 2016 32bit & x64

    So yes this will be your problem.

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