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Exclude from Master Planning

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Hi all,

We are having troubles setting up our Master Planning in Finance & Operations. 
We are currently using the Exclude from Master Planning parameter for orders which are created but not yet paid. When we set this parameter on the header/lines to 'Yes' and run the Master Planning afterwards, the products of that sales order do not appear on the MP which is good. However when you wait for a while (30 mins or more) and you do another run of MP, the products will appear on the MP. This kinda beats our efforts to prevent unnecessary orders. 

At first we thought this was due to us setting the parameter from within Power Automate but even manually adjusting the parameter results in the same behaviour. 
In our Master Plan configuration we have enabled Exclude specific transactions. 

Do you have any idea what might be causing this or where to look for a possible error? 
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    Jolu_itsme 16 on at
    Exclude from Master Planning
    We are using a Power Automate flow which is triggered on the Create SalesOrder event. If the payment option is wire transfer then we set the Exclude from Master Planning parameter for that Sales order to 'Yes' on both the header and the lines. 

    I tested without the influence of Power Automate but that resulted in the same problem. 
    I'm provisioning a local instance of F&O with a copy of our settings to see if perhaps a batch job is causing this behavior. 

    The big issue is that when we set the Exclude from MP to Yes and run the Master planning, the items do not appear. When running the Master Planning again (after waiting for 1 hour or so) the items will appear on the MP without any changes being made to the Sales Order. 
    I'll also try the same steps on an empty environment to make sure it isn't due to some configuration on our end. 
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    André Arnaud de Cal... 287,696 Super User on at
    Exclude from Master Planning
    Hi Jolu_itsme,

    Do you have customizations in this environment? What Power Automate flow are you referring to? Are you able to reproduce this in a standard environment with the Contoso data set?

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