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Dynamics 365 for an accounting business

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A friend of mine has set up Dynamics for my small accounting business. He has done a great job - but with hind-site I think we could have done a lot of things better and differently. I love Dynamics and the flexibility that it potentially provides but I think that we made a lot of mistakes with the way we set it up initially.  I am now faced with the options of a) starting again with a new development; b) binning it completely and using an off the shelf CRM; and c) continuing with a system that kind of works.

Does any one have any thoughts / experiences?

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    RE: Dynamics 365 for an accounting business

    I would keep it simple! Dynamics can get expensive but it can scale with your growth. No easy answer to your question without understanding what you want to do.

    D365 does have a CRM entity which keeps your data in 1 place. Adding on products to your current product might not be too expensive. Might be only $20 per month, but you need to research -

    If you end up using someone who knows what they are doing, you are looking at $200 per hour to start. Keep in mind the D356 solution is newer and you have a ton of people skilling up on these solutions at your expense. The product is also changes quickly with also puts you at risk for using a feature that could be depreciated.

    Good Luck!

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    RE: Dynamics 365 for an accounting business

    I've been a part of an implementation for accounting, it took a little while to get things right.  A lot depends on whats wrong.  Also, consider licensing costs of the 'off the shelf' version vs. costs to update the one you are in vs. restarting.

    If you provide some of your issues we may be able to give some better guidance.

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