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Managing Unit of Measures with different article numbers and production / assembly

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I am currently setting up articles for a project and I am unsure how to handle the UOM properly.
The base article is a bottle, which can be in a box of 6 bottles and on a pallet with 20 boxes (each with 6 bottles).
The easiest way is to create the article with sales UOM of 1 piece, 1 box (with 6 bottles) and 1 pallet (with 120 bottles).
The issues I have are:
  • The article is manufactured based on pallets (the whole process is based on producing 1 pallet at a time). The BOM for a pallet currently contains: 120 bottles, 120 ltr of some liquid, 20 cardboard boxes, and 1 pallet. If I set the BOM for a pallet I still can create single bottles. However, this should not be possible, especially because the BOM contains 1 pallet which does not make sense to split for 1/120th of a pallet, meaning 1 bottle.
  • Different UOM of the article do have different article numbers, e.g. 1 bottle has article no. ABC-B, a box has ABC-O, and a pallet has ABC-X. As far as I see there is some customizing required to add this into the UOM table.
  • If a customer orders a single bottle, the pallet is broken into smaller units (breakbulk) during picking. For this we would need the UOM directly at the article as far as I see.
  • In addition, all pallets are tagged with SSCCs. This could be done with packet numbers at the article as far as I see.
Can someone give me a good advice how to handle this within BC without too much customization?
Thank you!
  • Managing Unit of Measures with different article numbers and production / assembly
    Kaspars, thank you for your answer.
    We are using article references for the different UOM now, basically for every UOM we have a reference to the article in that UOM.
    Everything else works as expected with the warehouse tools.
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    Managing Unit of Measures with different article numbers and production / assembly
    I would suggest to stick to the base unit of measure bottle, and create UOM Box=6 bottles, and pallet=120 bottles. As this will make it easier to use other functionality of BC without additional customizations.

    Then the other limitations that You need, ask to be customized - like limiting the production, that You can only create a pallet, not a single box. 
    Trickiest part is those Article numbers that are different for each UoM. You can have identifiers set up for the item for different UoM - so when You scan the code using handheld scanner, it understands that this is this item, but in specific UoM (either single bottle, or box or pallet).

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