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Can't See Financial Statements

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I am new to BC and  have spun up a chart of accounts and posted some opening entries, but am unable to view them in the financials.  I can view the trial balance, but again nothing in the financials.  I've built a simple P&L and Balance sheet, but am not getting anything to display.  I saw a similar case on this forum, but am not seeing any resolution.  

Any thoughts on what I may be missing?  I can view the posting on the Trial Balance.  It's for 12/31/2022.  There are no other entries before that.  Fiscal year 2020 and 2021 are closed.  Look forward to a response.



  • JGarcia123 Profile Picture
    JGarcia123 1,353 on at
    RE: Can't See Financial Statements

    Thank you all.  It helps to actually have some account numbers in your row formats.  I thought I had already set it up, but must never had saved it.

    Appreciate the feedback.

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    Alex1989 Profile Picture
    Alex1989 35 on at
    RE: Can't See Financial Statements
    this can happen for several reasons:
    a) the definition of lines of the financial report does not have the accounting account that you have previously used. b) the definition of columns of the financial report does not have the date that you have used to record your entry
  • KasparsSemjonovs Profile Picture
    KasparsSemjonovs 3,254 Super User on at
    RE: Can't See Financial Statements

    Recheck the Lines for the Financial Report. If the GL account numbers, filters provided for each line are correct.

    You have to set them up, as out of the box it works only in Cronus (demo) company, but otherwise the needed set up is blank.

    See more here, in the section: Create new financial report

    For the default reports, You can provide the relevant Financial Report in General Ledger Setup - section Reporting.

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