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Cancel call center order

Posted on by 37

Our Customer is a B2B customer having few stores. In these stores we work with the call center as POS is not sufficient.

Customer can thus pay in cash for there orders.

If we want to cancel a cash paid order we cannot pay back the customer as the refund methods do not accept a cash refund.

Did anyone come accross the same problem in the past? And how did you solve it?

We logged an issue and got the answer that MS will never fix this as Call center is intended for orders over the phone (but one can accept cash payments???)

Kind regards

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    P Jackson Profile Picture
    P Jackson 1,560 on at
    RE: Cancel call center order

    Via the Call centre parameters [RMA/Return > Apply credits payment method] configuration and the associated settings on the Return order header [Apply credit], it is possible to credit the customer account rather than pay a refund.

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    P Jackson Profile Picture
    P Jackson 1,560 on at
    RE: Cancel call center order

    As discussed in the Retail Interest Yammer Group, I will post the solution here for the wider audience:

    I have experienced a similar scenario where we had a Call Centre that was taking credit card payments offline (essentially like cash.) We configured a method of payment to be specifically used to refund these payments when processing a Return order.

    You need to ensure that this Payment method is configured with the 'Default function' set to 'cheque', because Call centre orders can only refund to credit card or cheque Payment methods.

    Then configure this Return payment method in the 'Call centre refund methods' form.

    Also, in the Call centre parameters -> RMA/Return section, we have the Return payment method set to the same.

    I came to this workaround after discussions with Microsoft to understanding how this all works.

    Incidentally we do not use a Channel return policy.


    This page is useful/important, if you haven't already seen it:


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    Ramune Profile Picture
    Ramune on at
    RE: Cancel call center order

    Hi Laura,

    In standard we support call center refund payment method Check only when you Cancel sales order which was paid in Cash originally.

    Here is one fix related to that area, where you can see resolution description:

    Issue search (


    For that you should have Call center refund method set for a particular currency:


    'Customer account' payment method is not supported for refunds of call center orders paid in Cash:

    Refund payment processing in call centers - Commerce | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs


    If this is not your expected behavior, you should create a customization. I know some customers created that customization for their business. Maybe some community members can share that information with you.

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