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Body size on Dynamics GP Word templates

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Posted on by UG Leader

Is it possible to set a fixed body size on the word templates (I.e. SOP invoice)? Currently the box resizes based on the number of lines on the document.


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    RE: Body size on Dynamics GP Word templates


    I am just trying to change the size of the box that holds the fields. Right now the box changes size based on the number of items on the invoice. I would like to extend the box to the bottom of the page whether there is 1 or 10 items on the invoice. Do you know if this is possible?

    Thanks for your help.

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    KarthikMurugan 65 on at
    RE: Body size on Dynamics GP Word templates

    Hi Juliet,

    RW limits string calculated fields to 80 characters Since the item description is a 100-character string, it's obvious that not all will fit in the field on the standard RW report.

    To overcome this first obstacle, you will need to parse the item description into 2 fields. You can create 2 string calculated fields for this purpose, say ItemDesc_1 and ItemDesc_2. Once you have created these calculated fields, you will want to use the RW_ParseString user-defined function to parse the item description into 2. Take a look at;en-us;862345 for more information on how to use this function on your report.

    Now, once you have the fields positioned on the modified report and formatted according to your needs, you can follow the instructions outlined in Chapter 38 of the Report Writer manual to have the changes reflected on the template.

    Please let us know if you have further questions

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