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Returns via POS

Posted on by 34

Hi everyone,

a small question regarding returns on POS.

when a customer comes back to Store for return of an item. The POS is not telling me what was the payment method by which the customer paid for the purchase.

is there any way to see a by which payment method did the customer pay for the item? 
because the business wants to refund the customer in the original payment method by which the item was bought with.

like cash via cash

card via card

payment A in payment method A.

is there any way to do this? Please do let me know. 

  • Oksana Kovaliova Profile Picture
    Oksana Kovaliova 3,586 on at
    RE: Returns via POS

    Hi Saif,

    Agree with Shafeeque suggestion to

    1. View in Show journal (will not work if order is customer order)

    2. Forcing return policy by refund policy:

    3. You can also use linked refunds for card based returns:  (if your payment connector supports linked refunds)

  • Saif Ali Profile Picture
    Saif Ali 34 on at
    RE: Returns via POS

    Thank you - Show journal works, gave this to the customer as well. (Y)

  • Suggested answer
    Shafeeque Mohammed Profile Picture
    Shafeeque Mohammed 6,146 Super User on at
    RE: Returns via POS

    There is no option to view the original payment method during the return process. Some workaround I can suggest is to either check the physical copy of the receipt or search for the receipt using the "Show  Journal" function.

    That being said, you have the option to enforce a refund to the original payment method or against a list using the "Channel Refund Policy".

    Please refer for more details

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