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Generate product code from criteria

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Hi experts,
We are having a new implementation of business central.
Our client create their product code manually in the legacy system by combining some caracteristics of the product(Product family, size, etc). This is not totally trustworthy because a user can chose to add an information in the code while another will leave it out.
We want business central to generate the item codes using the same information(which user will select when a new item is created) and it will be combined to create the code a certain way, so the code can be uniform and standardized.
My questions are:
  1. Has this been achieved before(add on), i checked the appsource and found  THE ITEM CODE GENERATOR but it is only available in the US (we are in canada)
  2. If additional dev should be done, how can we regenerate the code for the existing items to be imported in BC( the aim of this is to make sure all items have the exact same codification standard), the former codes can be in the description field
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    Generate product code from criteria
    @YUN ZHU
    Thanks for the hints.
    I appreciate.
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    Generate product code from criteria
    Unfortunately, as far as I know, this function is not available in standard BC, and this can only be done through customization.
    If you have not imported BC, you can import it after processing it outside the system, such as in an Excel.
    If the data has been imported into BC, the Item No. in BC is allowed to be changed. You can customize a rule to refresh the data. This will also refresh the related records.
    Hope this can give you some hints.

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