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Prevent processing old e-mails when mailbox is activated

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I have a few questions regarding activating a mailbox in Dynamics with Server Side Synchronization and email server profile Exchange Online.
If you have a user that has been at the company for many years and have thousands of emails in their mailbox, then when activating their mailbox in Dynamics it will cause hundreds of e-mails to be synchronized and the result is hundreds of e-mail activities created in Dynamics, taking up unnecessary storage. We want to prevent these e-mails from being synchronized to Dynamics. 
We have investigated the possibilities with changing the /Process Email From/ field on the Email Server Profile.
According to Microsoft Documentation: 
Question 1: If changing this date /Process Email From/ to the current date, what impact could that have on old e-mails that have already been processed and synced to Dynamics?
On the other hand, we have also read about the /Process Email Received After/ on the mailbox itself.
(When a mailbox is synchronized for the first time, server-side synchronization will use the Process Emails From date on the email server profile to determine how far back emails should be synchronized relative to the Received On date for the emails in the Exchange mailbox. The last email processed in any synchronization cycle will be used to set the Process Emails From date on the mailbox recordNote that server-side synchronization will always utilize the greater value between the Process Emails From date on the email server profile and the mailbox record.
When a mailbox hasn't been enabled the default value seems to be /1900-01-01/ (In that case when activating the Process Email From Date on the server profile will be utilized since it is greater than the value on the mailbox?)
We are unsure which field of /Process Emails from/ and /Process Email Received After/ will be used when activating the mailbox if we sent the /Process Email Received After/ to todays date. 
Question 2: Would it be possible to change the /Process Emails Received After/ to todays date, and then activate the mailbox, and only e-mails from today will be processed and synced to Dynamics? (Without changing /Process Email After/ on the server profile)
Question 3: Which method is recommended? Changing the /Process Email After/ on the server profile to todays date or the /Process Emails Received After/ on the mailbox to todays date?
Thank you in advance!