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Prevent Selling on items but do not block invoicing existing orders

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Good day,

Is it possible to stop sales on an item flagged as End of Life without affecting the processing of existing open sales orders in the system. If we use the Stopped for Sales on the default order settings, then it stops existing sales orders invoicing.
Ideally we would want a date on the item to stop any new orders being created but allowing existing orders and RMA's to process (hence why trade agreement end date wouldnt work as RMA's need to process)
any recommendations on how to handle this?
thank you :-)
  • AdamCarri Profile Picture
    AdamCarri 35 on at
    RE: Prevent Selling on items but do not block invoicing existing orders

    Thank you very Much Beatriz ! query resolved.

    thanks again

  • Verified answer
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    Beatriz on at
    RE: Prevent Selling on items but do not block invoicing existing orders

    Use the product lifecycle state. It controls which specific processes are allowed or not for a certain product. You can create your own lifecycle states and specify one for end of life where you can block sales orders (the product will not be allowed to be entered in new sales orders) but you can consume the existing inventory. 

    To enable the detailed lifecycle state processes you will need to enable the Engineering Change Management configuration key (you can just use the lifecycle state for standard products and not use anything else of engineering change management). 

    We have an idea in the ideas portal to make it independent of this configuration key - I would recommend to vote for that. 

    Documentation here: Product lifecycle states and transactions - Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn

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