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Error: Record Is Unavailable The requested record was not found or you do not have sufficient permissions to view it.

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi folks,

Could you please help with this error message. “Record Is Unavailable The requested record was not found or you do not have sufficient permissions to view it.” received when saving a new role price after selecting “new role price” from “role prices” under a resource. I’ve tried with a different resource and with a different user making the change and both come up with this error. The log file below appears to say the relevant resource doesn't exist.

I’ve seen advice elsewhere to log out, clear browser caches and log back in and that hasn’t worked.

Both I and the other user who tried the operation have certain administrative rights in Dynamics such as the ability to create an environment.

Further error details:

Error code: 0x80040217Session Id: ea5cab50-862a-495c-940d-766049d8d805Activity Id: d291183e-baae-4bbb-83f4-7878b3b6b7a0Time: Mon Jun 27 2022 12:56:38 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Log file:

Exception Message: msdyn_resourcecategorypricelevel With Id = a691f9c2-c4f5-ec11-82e7-00224892ffd9 Does Not Exist

ErrorCode: -2147220969

HexErrorCode: 0x80040217



[Microsoft.Dynamics.ProjectService.Plugins: Microsoft.Dynamics.ProjectService.Plugins.PreRolePriceCreateReadOnlyCheck]

[01038300-6573-473f-a125-a320d3256e9f: Project Service - PreRolePriceCreateReadOnlyCheck]

Activity Id: d291183e-baae-4bbb-83f4-7878b3b6b7a0

Many thanks,



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