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Personal views

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi there,

The personal advanced find views for employees that left the organisation. Is there a way to remove these views or deactivate them? Possibly hide them?



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    varietygrant 6 on at
    Personal views
    It's now 2024 and these user-created views are still a pain. As an administrator you can't see them and it's not until a user says "Why can't I see XYZ?" that you have to go on a hunt. If the user that created the flow hasn't shared it properly and leaves the company it's even more of a hassle. It would be nice for administrator to be able to actually manage all views.
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    Rawish Kumar Profile Picture
    Rawish Kumar 13,752 on at
    RE: Personal views

    Hi Nuhr,

    you can use below tool :

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Personal views

    Hi Nuhr,

    You have to use SDK method to delete users personal saved view. Personal views will be visible only for user who created and shared with.

    Even administrator can't see personal view.To Delete From UI , Only way is login to specific user id and delete it manually from Advanced find Saved Views.


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    Arpit Shrivastava Profile Picture
    Arpit Shrivastava 7,518 User Group Leader on at
    RE: Personal views


    The problem is even System Administrator cannot retrieve the personal views of any user. The only way is:

    Option 1 - Update the owner of personal views from backend/database to Admin and then delete it from CRM UI.

    Option 2 - Write a console application and Impersonate it with the user who has created the Personal View.

    For example, User A has 5 Personal Views and he/she left the organization.

    Write a Console application and configure User B in the web.config (must have Administrator privilege in order to make the connection with your CRM instance). Now write a code to delete the view but this code will work on-behalf of User A so that views could be deleted.

    Use below link to impersonate the user on your console application:

    To delete the view, can refer below link:

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    tw0sh3ds Profile Picture
    tw0sh3ds 5,600 on at
    RE: Personal views

    You can use SSIS Kingswaysoft to delete records, even personal views.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Personal views

    Hi Nuhr,

    the fastest way is to delete them from personal advanced view panel.

    If you have multiple views to delete you could do it by sdk:

    1) retrieve all personal view ("userquery" entity), eventually filtering by user id

    2) delete all personal views

    Please let me know if you solve or if you need further help.

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    Karsten Wirl Profile Picture
    Karsten Wirl 4,477 on at
    RE: Personal views

    Hello Nuhr.

    There is no OOB way to achieve your goal.

    You have four options which are more or less supported:

    1. Each user have to clean up his login, share or delete his views, charts and dashboards with other users before leaving the company.

    2. Re-enable a user, change the password in the AD and reassign or delete all personal views, charts and dashboards.

    3. You can change them directly in the user query table in your MSCRM database. Please note: This is UNSUPPORTED.

    4. Try to use 3rd party solutions... some tools give you the ability to move views from one user to another one.

    Kind regard,


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    Alex Fun Wei Jie Profile Picture
    Alex Fun Wei Jie 33,626 on at
    RE: Personal views


    you can follow the below post for more information on how to remove personal view.

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