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"Attempted to divide by zero" error in Purchase Order of Navision 2018

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Hi, my user tried to delete the line item in Purchase Order, but she was prompted with "Attempted to divide by zero" error in Navision 2018.

Can advise what does it means and how the means to resolve it?

Thank you.

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    YUN ZHU 60,007 Super User on at
    RE: "Attempted to divide by zero" error in Purchase Order of Navision 2018

    Hi, I think you can try Debug in Development Environment (C/SIDE) to find out the field that is 0.

    To activate the debugger

    1. In Object Designer, on the Tools menu, choose Debugger, and then choose Debug Session.

      The Session List page opens.

    2. In the Session List page, on the Home tab, in the Session group, choose Debug Next.

      The Debugger page opens, but no session is currently being debugged, and no code is displayed in the code viewer.

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    RE: "Attempted to divide by zero" error in Purchase Order of Navision 2018


    Your Unit of Measure Code = CAN does this have an Item Unit of Measure conversion to Base UOM? If so, does it divide properly? Check this as the message is telling me that CAN is trying to divide by zero.



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