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Lookup Field Help

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Posted on by UG Leader


So I am looking at creating a child record to an account, however, when pushing over the ID from the parent to the child's lookup input I am receiving this value:


When this value is clicked on, it takes the user to the correct Account, but as you can see the display name is showing (No Name), the code for this that I use is within a button on the ribbon and reads as follows:

function myFunctionThree() {

//Parent form and fields    
var z =;
//var x = Xrm.Page.getAttribute("name").getValue()

//Desired Form
var entityFormOptions = {};
entityFormOptions["entityName"] = "incident";

//Desired Fields
var formParameters = {};
formParameters["customerid"] = z;
//formParameters["customername"] = x;


// Open the form.
    function (success) {
    function (error) {
Hopefully there is a fix for this as it does set once it is saved.
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    TylerS.Dev Profile Picture
    TylerS.Dev 725 on at
    RE: Lookup Field Help

    this is more of a suggestion but you might want to use formContext instead of Xrm.Page because it has been depreciated.

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    Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member UG Leader on at
    RE: Lookup Field Help


    I have managed to solve this as I have discovered that the Lookup field requires an array of data to be pushed into for the Object, ID and Name.

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