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Correcting Posted Batch

Posted on by 50

I'm new to SL and I'm trying to figure out how to fix my error while posting a payment voucher.

I entered the voucher to the incorrect project number, so I would like to go back in to correct it. When I finished entering though, I marked the handling to "release now" and made the invoice active. For some reason, after I did this, the handling has changed to "no action" so I'm not able to see it in the Vendor Information screen...

Now I'm not sure that, if I enter a debit adjustment, it will offset the invoice amount for me to re-enter the voucher or how I would be able to void the entry out altogether.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Ram Peru Profile Picture
    Ram Peru 2,830 on at
    RE: Correcting Posted Batch

    you have to check the status of batch. your voucher batch status could be either unposted or posted status.

    If the voucher is in unposted stage, the voucher has not posted into general Ledger. you have to release the voucher batch from Post Transaction of General Ledger Module. This will passed the entries into  General Leger module.

    If the Voucher is in Posted status,the voucher has already posted into general ledger. No need to check with Post Transaction Screen.

    You need to create the Debit Adjustment for incorrect voucher and released the Debit Adjustment. you have to release the same debit adjustment batch from Post Transaction screens to post the entries into General Ledger. This will affect the respective reports accordingly.

    Hope that helps.


    Perumalsamy R.

  • J2Eng.Becca Profile Picture
    J2Eng.Becca 50 on at
    RE: Correcting Posted Batch

    Because the voucher is in the status of "no action," will this affect the reporting if I enter the debit adjustment and it is "released now?" It seems that "no action" makes them alomst invisible in the system.

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    Ram Peru Profile Picture
    Ram Peru 2,830 on at
    RE: Correcting Posted Batch

    Hello J2Eng.Beccca,

    You haven't done the check print against the voucher batch.You can enter the Debit adjustment against same vendor and choose the same project which you have selected wrongly in Voucher.

    This will reduce the vendor balance against the vendor.

    Hope this helps.


    Perumalsamy R

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