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How to upload/update product image on eCommerce site builder

Posted on by 50

We are now using eCommerce for our business, and we tried to upload/update product image, but we did not find any clear instruction.

on the site builder, I uploaded a template image, name it as W000000001_000_001.jpg, as we have a product with item number W000000001

As first I thought this should be enough, but when I open the product W000000001 detail page, there is no image show.

Then I go to site builder products porting, and find the item W000000001, and try to link the image to it, but there is no 'edit' option


Then I'm blocked here to update the product image. Could any one help provide some suggestion that we can do this for our business?

Much thanks in advance!

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    Erick Li Profile Picture
    Erick Li 50 on at
    RE: How to upload/update product image on eCommerce site builder

    Thanks very much for your help Sam, the answer helps a lot for our business!

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    Sam Jarawan Profile Picture
    Sam Jarawan on at
    RE: How to upload/update product image on eCommerce site builder

    Hi Erick,

    The main doc covering this is located here:  but it may not be clear enough.

    One of the best ways I use to check what the image file name should be is hit F12 in a browser on the product details page to see what file name it's trying to load, it should be easy to find as a 404 error.

    Notice in the below image, there are image URLs in red due to the file not being found and thus you'll see them with a 404 result.


    If you copy the URL you'll see something like:

    The important part is the file name after the "/Products%2F" which in the above example is 93059_000_001.png.  So this is the file name to upload and note that it is case sensitive. The default product details page will attempt to load 5 images if they are available, for example: 93059_000_001.png, 93059_000_002.png, 93059_000_003.png, 93059_000_004.png and 93059_000_005.png.


    The file name pattern shown above is "{Product_Number}_000_001" and can be changed in HQ if desired (see below).  Also note this product number is not the same number that shows up in the URL, for example the URL for the example above ends with ".../knit-striped-turtleneck-sweater/68719494720.p". 

    To see where these numbers come from in HQ under the "Products by category" page for example you'll see the "Product number" used for the image file name.  If you select Options and "Record info" you'll see the "Record-ID" used for the URL with a ".p" moniker to identify this as a product.


    To change the file name template in HQ, load the "Product Images" page and select "Define media template" link as shown below.  Notice the "File name" has the pattern.  You can also change the file extension here to use jpg's instead of png's for example.

    One last note, when you upload the image files in the site builder, you must ensure you select the "Product" category and enable the publish check box as shown below.


    I hope this helps,


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