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SL Print to a file

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I have a client using SL 2011 where when he goes to printer setup for any report and selects print to a file and then clicks the setup button, screen 98.220 closes and the print to a file screen never opens.  No error message is issued.  The other users do not have this problem.  I have tried uninstalling the SL client on that workstation and re-installing it with no change in the problem.  There is no entry in the Windows event log corresponding to what happened.  I was curious if anyone else has encountered this issue and found a solution?  The workstation is running 32-bit Windows 7.0 Pro just the same as the other workstations.  The reports run just fine in print preview or to his printer.  Changing the default printer had no effect either.  Sidebar question: does anyone know the actual exe program that corresponds to the Print to File screen that opens when you click the setup button on 98.220?  I was going to run a Procmon trace but it would be helpful to know if that program was even invoked or not.

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    RE: SL Print to a file

    Glad you came up with the right key to fix it. After I read your response above, I got the Sysinternals procmon out and ran it while clicking that setup button. There is an explosion of activity I wasn't sure how to sort through.

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    RE: SL Print to a file

    Found and fixed the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/UserShellFolders

    Which resolved the problem

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    RE: SL Print to a file


    Thanks for the response.  Not sure if this is the problem since the dialog screen never opens to show what it wants to default to.  I did look down the c:\users\username\my documents path and there is no Microsoft dynamics sl\reports folder created at that level so it is possible that you are on the right path about the problem.  What I do not know is where the user's default mydocuments might be set.  the workstation has Office and the various Office modules are defaulting to c:\windows\system 32 which is rather strange and not a good default path to start with but I have no idea if SL uses an Office setting for its default path.  I was, using the user's credentials, able to create the Microsoft dynamics sl\reports folder under his my documents folder so he does have rights but that did not change the situation.  So, do you know where this default path might be coming from?  I suspect it is a registry value (besides some option on a screen) but I do not know where to start looking.

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    Butch Adams 4,757 on at
    RE: SL Print to a file

    Rick, I'm pretty sure that is just a dialog box that comes up from 98.220's setup button. No new process starts in task manager when you open it.

    My first thought on that crashing is to wonder if the user's default MyDocuments path is valid since that is the path that is in the dialog when it opens.


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