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IO/PO not showing up in Order Lines when matching invoice lines

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An IO was just made for an invoice that needed processing and when I try and process it using the newly made IO, when I get to the match lines section, the order lines window, which normally shows IOs to match with, is completely blank.

I have processed a number of invoices but have never run into this issue where nothing shows up on the order lines window when matching lines. The IO seems identical to all the other IOs I have used to process invoices but nothing I do seems to fix this issue and make the IO appear so I can match the invoice line items. Any idea how to fix this?


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    RE: IO/PO not showing up in Order Lines when matching invoice lines


    A few questions... Are you trying to enter a Purchase Invoice and using Get Receipt Lines? If not, what you have seems customized for your Company. If you can explain the pages you are using and steps, I can help more.



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