We all know what happens when table changes are made with service packs! :-)

Well, the table changes we made in GP 2013 Service Pack 2 around Payroll Direct Deposit did not make Business Portal Human Resource Self Service function correctly.

As we approach the year end season and many customers will be installing the US payroll year end update, which will include GP 2013 service pack 2, we may see more run into issues.

To know you are running into this issue here are a few indicators after service pack 2 is applied:

     1. When the employee clicks on the Pay link and selects Direct Deposit, there is a Server error '/' in Application error.
     2. When an employee clicks on the Pay link and views a pay stub, at the bottom there is an error: Invalid column name INDEX1.
     3. When I submit an employee profile change, it is not processed and updating Microsoft Dynamics GP as you would expect.
     4. When you approve an timecard in HRMSS, you may see an error such as - Invalid column name ‘INDEX1’ ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid column name ‘INDEX1’.

Basically, if you use BP HRMSS and you installed GP 2013 service pack 2 (or a later patch), you need to install the BP Hotfix that will correct any issues related to this table change.


Here is the LINK to download the fix.


Thanks, let the fun begin!

Terry Heley