Hi everyone,

With the upcoming release of the 2014 Year End Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP, we wanted to get all of our table and column changes in one place.  If any changes are made after this is posted, we will update this blog with the cumulative changes.

So far, the changes to report are based around the new Affordable Care Act features, so will be applicable to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 versions.

New Tables

UPR40105-   upr1095Setup 

UPR00904 - uprMstrDependentACA

UPR00905 - uprMstrEmployeeACA 

UPR10108 - uprYearEndDependentACAHistory 

UPR10109 -  uprYearEndEmployeeACAHistory 


Existing Table Changes for GP2013

BE010130 -     HR - HR_Benefit_MSTR

- OfferOfCoverageCode
- SafeHarborCode

BE020230    - HR_Benefit_SETP

- OfferOfCoverageCode
- SafeHarborCode


UPR10100 - UPR_Year_End_WORK_HDR


I hope this information will be helpful to you.  More information on the Affordable Care Act will be published in a separate blog next week.


Dan | Microsoft Dynamics GP Systems Support