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Today I would like to introduce our new Employee Self Service View/Print W-2 feature. In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2, new window that can be accessed in the Time Management content pane by Self Service employees, was added that enables the user to Print/View their W-2.  The Self Service employee will be able to print their own W-2 with the most current boxes and labels.   We also added an option starting on version 14.00.0898 that allows payroll admin to choose which year's W-2 are available for Self Service Users to Print.


Some employers will want the ability to print all W-2 forms for employees who haven’t already printed their own W-2s. A new option was added that enables the user exclude printing W-2s that a Self Service employee has already printed themselves. This option will be listed in the Print W-2 Forms window (Tools>>Routines>>Payroll>>Print W-2s). There will be a checkbox under the ‘Print: W-2 Forms’ radio button which will be labeled ‘Exclude ESS Printed W-2’.

In order to make W-2s available to Self Service Employees to view, starting on version 14.00.0898, the checkbox 'Publish to Employee Self Service' must be marked.  This option is available per year. (Tools>>Routines>>Payroll>>Print W-2s)

Note: If you upgraded from a previous version, you will not have the ESS EMPLOYEE* role by default.  A blog will be published with scripting to add these roles. Please use the following link where a blog will be posted to add security for new features in GP 2015 R2: Click HERE

We also recommend applying the Mid-Year Tax update which will be available in late June before implementing this feature.

Click HERE for more detailed documentation with table changes and a VIDEO!

As always, keep up to date with our Microsoft Dynamics GP Blogs as they come out using the following link: https://community.dynamics.com/gp/b/dynamicsgp


Isaac Olson

Sr Support Engineer

Microsoft Dynamics GP