***This is fixed in the 2017 Mid-year tax update (July Hotfix) click HERE for install***

Hi Everyone,

Are your payables Doc Attach documents missing??

I’d like to provide you with some helpful version specific information around ‘why’ they may be missing, along with what you can do to ensure users can ‘view’ documents going forward!!

PLEASE READ BELOW for information about what to do if your payables doc attachments are missing based on version.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 16.00.0620:

With the release of the 2017 mid-year update, Microsoft Dynamics GP now looks for payables document attachments in the CO00102 table (due to changes noted below). In this update: All payables documents with attachments (regardless of if they are in OPEN or HISTORY) have a BusObjKey beginning as follows:

 0\PM\Payables Transaction\

On all versions prior to 16.00.0620, HISTORICAL payables document attachments have a BusObjKey beginning as follows:

 0\PM\Payables Transaction History\

With this change any historical payables document attachments sitting in the CO00102 table prior to upgrading to version 16.00.0620 will not be attached when you upgrade and look like they are missing. This is because GP is now looking for a BusObjKey beginning with 0\PM\Payables Transaction\ (Previously associated with OPEN payables documents) instead of 0\PM\Payables Transaction History\ (Previously associated with HISTORICAL payables documents).

Here is an example steps/scripts you can test using in a Test Company with a copy of live data to allow users to view pre-upgrade historical payables document attachments on versions 16.00.0620 and up:

1. Run the following against the test company database to view the problem records on version 16.00.0620:

SELECT * FROM CO00102 WHERE BusObjKey LIKE ('%Payables Transaction History%') 

2. Run the following against the test company database to update the problem records (to remove History from the BusObjKey field):

 UPDATE CO00102 SET BusObjKey = REPLACE (BusObjKey,' History','') WHERE BusObjKey LIKE ('%Payables Transaction History%')

3. Run the original select again to ensure no problem records remain:

 SELECT * FROM CO00102 WHERE BusObjKey LIKE ('%Payables Transaction History%') 

 Verify you can now view historical payables ‘document attachments’.

 Once you’ve verified the problem is resolved in the Test Company, implement in live after making a restorable backup of the databases.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 16.00.0552 – 16.00.0579:

  • Users can no longer view documents added with Doc Attach for any OPEN payables documents posted via a payables batch.
    • With that being said, once the document has been ‘fully applied’ and moves to HISTORY, users will be able to see the attachment again!
  • Additionally, if users post the payables transaction at the ‘transaction level’ without a batch: they'll will run into the same problem described above on prior versions. This means users won’t be able to view credit memos, payments, or return documents once they’ve moved to HISTORY.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 12.00.1295 – 16.00.0541:

  • Users cannot view documents attached via Doc Attach (paper clip at the top of the window) for the following payables document types once they’ve moved to HISTORY (basically once they’ve been fully applied):
    • Credit Memos
    • Returns
    • Payments
  • This was marked as ‘fixed’ with the release of 16.00.0552 (*See above)

THE GREAT NEWS is there’s an alternative way to attach payables documents prior to version 16.00.0620!! This will ensure that end users can see all documents attached regardless of ‘where’ the document is sitting (work, open, history):

  • Instead of clicking on the ‘Attach’ Icon at the top the transaction entry window, attach documents via the ‘Record Level Note Icon’ instead:


  • When the user attaches in this manner, GP stores a record in both the SY03900 table and the CO00102 tables, and the user can view the document regardless of it's status (work, open, history):

I hope this information is helpful!!

Andrea Melroe | Sr. Technical Advisor | Microsoft Dynamics GP