Hello everyone!

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, we have also included a new Content Pack for Power BI.  Click below to download it:




The Power BI Content Pack features sample reports for Financial, Sales, Purchasing and Inventory data.  Each report utilizes relationships built between GP tables, and various Filters that can be used to display the information is that important to you.  You can also review the included Calculated Columns as examples for including calculations on your Power BI reports such as Net Debit/Credit, Profit and item Sales amounts.   




Upon launching the Content Pack file in the Power BI Desktop application, you will be prompted for your OData Feed URL. 


Please refer to the following blog article for information regarding installing and configuring the Dynamics GP OData service for use with the Power BI Desktop application:


The Content Pack is meant to demonstrate the possibilities of Power BI and is a good point of reference for designing your own Power BI reports for Dynamics GP 2018.