There are instances when timecards have already been submitted, but the approver is out of the office or unable to approve the submitted timecards for whatever reason. Using Timecards Pending Approval in the Navigation Lists is hard coded to be used by the approver or the submitter; not the manager. Therefore, if the approver is unavailable, how are those timecards going to get approved?

This blog will show you how an account can be setup so all timecards can be seen, and delegate them at any time.

(For the purposes of this blog, I am using the term ‘SUPERUSER’ as the account we will set up).

NOTE: It is assumed set up for timecard entry and timecard workflow are already set up. If your timecard entry and timecard workflow are not set up yet, this has to be completed before following the steps of this blog.

Create Super User Employee ID

  1. HR & Payroll > Cards > Employee
  • Add the required fields information
  • Click on the Additional Information button > GP User ID enter ‘sa’
  • If another employee exists with GP User ID ‘sa’, remove the ‘sa’ from this employee ID. GP User ID ‘sa’ can be used for one employee ID only.

Set up a Timecard Assignment

  1. HR & Payroll > Cards > Timecard assignment > Chose an Employee ID
  • Select Code that will be used to select employees (Dept. Position, Shift Code or Pay Code)

NOTE: We recommend using Department or Position because this is a required field on employee’s maintenance cards

  • Select all codes in the list.
  • Also click on the Pay code Radial button and verify the pay codes that will be used on the timecard are selected.

Create a time card

  1. Home > Enter time for a pay period

2. Mark the box for the period you need to enter time for > Click on Enter Time > Click on Submit button

Set up Time on Behalf of

1. Cards > Time on Behalf > Employee ID > Select 'SUPERUSER' code > Save

Submit Time Cards on Behalf of

1. HR & Payroll >in the navigation pane > click on Current Timecard > click on My Delegate 

2. Set a filter to grab only 'Pending User Action' for Status and Pending action

NOTE: You cannot use the Submit button on the timecards from this screen. Instead, double click on the timecard to open it > then click on the Workflow button drop down menu > click on Delegate > Assign a delegate to approve