The 2019 - U.S. Year end update has released for all versions, Microsoft Dynamics GP, GP 2016 and GP 2015.  As a reminder, these updates are ALL inclusive of prior patches.  This is especially important for GP 2018 as it will include the October 2019 release (18.2) so make sure you test your upgrade, customizations, 3rd party solutions and business process to verify everything is working as it should.

We are now on Microsoft Docs, very exciting!!  Review U.S. Payroll specific documentation and install steps.

All you want to know about year end changes my module, check out the Year-End Blog Series

Below is a list of changes in this update by product version.  We do recommend customers to install this update based on the required year end changes and quality report fixes below.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (version18.2.1036) (Includes October release 18.2.1013) 
**All items that are fixed below on GP 2016 are also fixed on GP latest release, along with the below changes**
Canadian Payroll - A benefit with Box 71 status may update Box 14 incorrectly
Payables - The new feature Long Description field may cause check stub to print on two pages.
Payroll - The new payroll integration to payables posting reports may not appear on an upgraded install to 18.2.1013.
Payroll - Payroll integration to payables voided checks may show double when posted to payables.
Payroll - Benefit, Deduction Shared Limit setup window changed to not mix different code types.
Sample company Fabrikam does not install correctly on 18.2.1013
Database Maintenance Utility may not run on 18.2.1013.
Web Service will have a false check on installation about Functional Currency on 18.2.1013 install.
Web Services service does not start on 18.2.1013.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (version 16.00.0814)
VAT net amount incorrect when you have multiple tax detail codes and applied September 2019 Hotfix.
Requisitions can be Purchased when they are over budget in Encumbrance without being approved in the Encumbrance Requisition Review window.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 (version 14.00.1230)

Fixed Asset Luxury Auto Depreciation changes
New Payroll W-4 form for 2020
 -  (Changes for Employee Self Service W4 form and Cards | Payroll | Tax window)
New tax tables published based on 15-T
  -Including New Head of Household Status, Standard and Multiple Jobs withholding tax tables

Table changes:

UPR30604 - Workflow history new fields
deductionamt (not used)

UPR00300 - Employee tax information new field
**This new field was not added to Integration Manager or eConnect**

**The above regulatory changes are also included in Dynamics GP 2016 and Dynamics GP.**


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