In the Microsoft Dynamic GP Fall 2020 release users will be able to customize and save the layout of their Home Page.  This feature will allow users to  To see this functionality you start by clicking on Customize this page… in the upper-right corner of the Home Page:

You can then use bottom section of the Customize Home Page window to select the Column Layouts:

Also in this window you can select how you want the columns to stack when you maximize a specific section of the Home Page.  For example, if you have it set to Bottom and in the Home Page you select the Maximize button in the upper-right corner:

The window will look like this with the columns stacked at the bottom of the page:

While the number of columns you want to display does not carry over to the module area pages (e.g. Financial, Sales, Purchasing, etc.) the column stacking option does.  This will help maintain a similar experience as users navigate around Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The column number setting is held in the syHomePageLayout (SY08100) table in the system database.  The SectionIDs in this table have the following values:

1 = To Do

3 = Business Analyzer

4 = My Reports

5 = Quick Links

6 = Connect

7 = Time Management

8 = Procurement

9 = Project Time and Expense

10 = PowerBI


The Column Stack setting is held in the syHomePage (SY08000) table, specifically the ColumnStackPosition field

0 = Top

1 = Bottom

2 = Right

3 = Left

For more documentation on our new features please check out our Microsoft Dynamics GP New Feature Blog Series!

Lucas Miller

Microsoft Dynamics GP