A few versions back, we added the Social Security Number (SSN) mask for payroll.  That has prompted this request why don't we also do this on the Human Resource reports? Great question!

You can go to Tools, point to Setup, choose System, and click Human Resources Preferences.

Towards the bottom of the window you will see the button SSN Mask that was added.
By default on the install, everything will be marked as masked, if you would like to see the SSN on the report you will need to unmark it from this window. 

If you open the Report Masking and no reports are listed, run this script to populate the information.

The reports can be found under Human Resource and Reports.

There are many, many Human Resource reports that have SSN on them, we picked a few of the top report's customers use my default.

You will find them in the sections of:

Benefit reports
Training reports
Orientation reports
Employee Summary and History reports


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Terry Heley

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