**An issue has been found once you upgrade to 18.3.1173 the PM HATB is not showing the correct figures.  This is fixed in the 2021 Mid-Year Update, released 6/9/2021.
Another workaround would be to revert back to the 18.2 procedure for this report.**

For those of you working with different currencies we all know that seeing fully applied Multicurrency documents on the PM HATB can create a much longer report than necessary.  With the new release of GP you will now have the ability to remove fully applied Multicurrency documents from your Payables Historical Aged Trial Balance making it easier to focus just on those documents that are outstanding.   

In example below I have a customer with and invoice and payment that went through a revalue and are now fully applied.   They do not show on the PM HATB where in previous versions they would have appeared on the report.


For more documentation on our new features please check out our Microsoft Dynamics GP New Feature Blog Series!

Thank you,

Angela Ebensteiner

Microsoft Support