Are any of you like me and noticed how hard it is to say 2021 and even type it for that matter?  It should not be this difficult but for some reason it just slurs all together and does not sound right.

Anyway.....we have a January Hotfix to talk about that we just released that is way more important ….

I know many of you have other things on your mind this last week in January, such as getting your 1099's or W2's out the door, so why not just pile on more, I'm confident you can all handle it.

There are NO table changes in this update, just fixes for the product.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (version 18.3.1233)

Microsoft Dynamics GP (version 16.00.0874) 

**All the fixes will be on 18.3, the ones noted with GP 2016 are rolled back to that version**


Inventory Stock Calendar Maintenance only allows years up to 2020 (fixing on GP 2016)
18.3 New Stock Count Import calculates variances incorrectly on lines where there are no changes to quantities from what was counted to what is on hand
18.3.1200 When marking the Print and Email checkboxes in Sales or Payables Check Remittance the Word Template emails are not sending for the documents in the range selected (or nothing happens)
In testing the January Hotfix with the changes you may notice emails will be duplicated when sending using the Send Email and Print ALL option.  This will be reviewed for a fix in 2021 Mid-year update.

Human Resource & Payroll

Payroll Error Unhandled script Exception SCRIPTS - data area when an employee has many trxs in payroll process (review my blog of when this happens)
Age is displaying wrong in the report 1095C when the Date of Birth is blank for the employee in Employee Maintenance window.  (fixing on GP 2016)
Plan start month displays incorrectly if employee start in the middle of the 2020 year see ACA BLOG for details. (fixing on GP 2016)
Low Cost Premium field is getting disabled when the new Offer of Coverage are selected in Health Insurance Setup window. (fixing on GP 2016)
Canadian Payroll Yukon Tax calculation changes. (fixing on GP 2016)
Canadian Payroll QPP withholding incorrect rate for 2021. (fixing on GP 2016)
Canadian Payroll tax calculating incorrectly when Basic Personal amount is zero (fixing on GP 2016)


Upgrade to US year end fails Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.PM00204'  (fixing on GP 2016)


HMRC Fraud Prevention Headers.(fixing on GP 2016)
VAT 100 - Remove Error Message from System - Total EU Sales must not exceed the total sales amount
Federal Withholding amounts associated with Withholding vendor are being allocated to a blank 1099 box instead of box 4 (federal withholding) when Withholding Vendor (fixing on GP 2016)

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Terry Heley